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High Potential Player Scouting

Identifying and making reports on talented players and coaches and working with clubs seeking exceptional individuals to enhance their teams.


Intermediation Specialist

Making connections between players and clubs with the help of industry knowledge and network to match players with opportunities that benefit both sides.


Professional Career Consulting

Providing expert advice and guidance for players and clubs by giving valuable insights so both sides can make informed decisions and improve overall success.

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Working with KSM27 Agency

Whether you are a promising player seeking expert guidance or a club in search of exceptional talent, we are here to assist you. Our dedication to our clients makes us the perfect partner for the goals you’re trying to achieve.

About Zoran Kopre

Zoran Kopre Crvena Zvezda

I started my football journey in Bečej, Serbia, progressing through FK Vojvodina and FK Partizan’s branch FK Teleoptik, and exploring opportunities across Europe and Asia, including Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Mongolia and Bangladesh.

Zoran Kopre sports manager
Transitioning to Agent

Experiencing highs and lows of football management, I made the decision to transition from an active player to a dedicated agent in 2019. Now I utilize this expertise to create successful collaborations between clubs and players, ensuring their best interests are always prioritized.

KSM27 Agency

With over two decades of experience in football and strong network across Europe, Asia, and Latin America, my priority is to secure the best clubs for our clients. Using our multilingual abilities and effective communication, we negotiate and create relationships with players, coaches and clubs.


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